Ape User Agreement

(1) This agreement represents the whole agreement between you and us with respect to the issues it deals with, and all pre-contract guarantees and guarantees exchanged between you and us are expressly excluded. This paragraph (1) does not exclude the elements enumerated in the definition of “agreement” in paragraph 15 (a). 3.4 Account limits; Availability of resources. Your payment account may be subject to certain limits that may affect your ability to make or receive payments or withdraw money. All limit values can be changed at any time. These limitations may be influenced by several factors, including, but not limited to our assessment of the risk associated with your payment account, the amount of current or potential bookings, the information provided by you, our ability to verify your account information and legal requirements. In addition to account limits, we may limit transactions on or from your payment account or limit access to funds in your payment account for an amount and period that we believe is necessary to protect ourselves or other users, including, but not limited, if (a) we are exposed to financial risk: (b) you have violated a clause of this Agreement, (c) you have pending reservations or we believe you may have return bookings, (d) any dispute related to your payment account or a transaction made in connection with your payment account is necessary (e) to protect the security of our systems, or (f) this is required by a legal or judicial decision or is requested by other means by law enforcement or a state agency. We can check your payment account for any reason. According to Juhani Kivikangas, the basic philosophy of the APE Wallet is that the end user does not need to go to another payment agency to pay, and payment can be made immediately if a minor transaction is required. He points out that payments are extremely fast and do not slow down surfing or surfing.

o you have not entered into and will not reach an agreement that may be contrary to the purposes and/or effects of this user agreement; and 3.2 Collection rights. For any transaction that results in a refund, we may keep the amount of the retraction in a reserve and deduct the amount of any fees, fines or penalties related to it that are included in the applicable pricing plan or that are assessed by an association, the processor or by the regulation of financial institutions of your electronic currency (including, but not limited to a reserve), that you, your bank account or any other payment instrument registered with us. If we reasonably believe that there is a likely refund of a transaction that you have approved or on your behalf, we may withhold payments due to you under this agreement until: a) a re-booking is assessed following a complaint filed by a user, in which case we keep the funds; (b) the time frame provided by the legislation or regulations in force to allow the user to challenge the expiry of the transaction; or (c) we decide that there are no transfers during the transaction. If we are unable to recover funds related to a re-booking for which you are responsible under this Agreement, pay us immediately, upon request, the full amount of the refund. You agree to cover all costs and expenses, including, but not limited, legal fees and other legal fees that we incur in the recovery of all business account loss balances that you do not pay. In the event that we decide not to recover any bookings from you or any other missed payment or cancellation (a “default”), we will cover the debt related to the default and you irrevocably reject all rights, securities and interest that you have on that debt and that you have associated with it.