Vivo Account Service Agreement

3.8 The customer should not use the platform in a manner that could harm or impair the availability or accessibility of the platform or any of the platform`s domains or services. A. Enter vivoCloud, type on the password in The user interface recover or disconnect> Password forgot the account interface in vivo; The personal data we collect from you can be transferred to a destination outside the country where the personal data was collected. They can also be processed by people working outside the country where the personal data that works for us or for one of our service providers was collected. 6.2. make its training service available to the client in an appropriate manner so that the client is informed of best practices in the use of services and security functions of services; 1. Visit our official website: Click “Forgotten Password?”, then you can retrieve the password via your email account that allows you to register your Vivo account. 6.1.

Make an appropriate effort to provide the services and must meet its obligations with the appropriate care and skill, in accordance with the standards normally provided by a specialized company qualified in the provision of services similar to those provided in those services. The customer recognizes that the provision of services depends on the reliability, availability and continuity of connections by different third parties and external factors (such as telecommunications operators, the public Internet, customer devices, etc.) and that Vivo cannot be held responsible for a service interruption beyond its control. Vivo does not explicitly or implicitly guarantee that all security threats and breaches and vulnerabilities are detected. Vivo may be required to reduce or suspend services for a short period of time in order to improve, update or perform technical or maintenance work, or to avoid any imminent threat of property damage to Vivo or other services, and will do everything in its power to minimize any inconvenience caused to the customer by such a limitation or suspension of services. In addition, Vivo can provide all updates, add-ons, features or other features, including, but not only, increases, receptions and changes in features, features, storage, security, availability, content and other information about software or services that may be provided to the customer after the start date of services, subject to the additional conditions provided by Vivo for these updates, including services that can be resold; (c) the supplier is not and does not purport to provide legal, tax or accounting advice as part of the agreement or platform and (unless otherwise stated) does not guarantee or ensure that the platform does not create civil or criminal liability on the part of the client or another person.