Standard Rental Agreement Manitoba

Proper accommodation often involves a simple change in the way something is done that takes into account a particular need of a person or group based on a protected feature. An example is that a landlord installs a flashing smoke detector in the apartment of a deaf tenant. If a landlord needs unreasonable difficulties as a reason to provide housing, the mere belief that a dwelling would create an emergency is not enough. The owner must be able to show adequate evidence of hardness, such as inappropriate costs. (For more information, please refer to the Manitoba Human Rights Commission`s “Appropriate Arrangements” guidelines.) What are the other examples of judicious accommodation in rental housing? Below are examples of suitable accommodation in rental housing for a tenant`s special needs, based on protected features. What about a person who rents a room in his house? The code allows a person who lives in his or her home and rents part of that house to discriminate against a tenant`s choice. For example, a person who rents a spare room in the house where they live may have a penchant for a tenant of the same sex as they are. A person who rents part of a house that he owns but is not alive, or who has a duplex but does not live in one of the apartments, is prohibited from discrimination and is not covered by this narrow exception. How about subletting an apartment? The code prohibits discrimination in the case of subletting rental housing.

Neither the landlord nor the subleased tenant can discriminate when subletting an apartment. What can a landlord take into account when choosing a tenant? Landlords can protect their rental properties by selecting suitable tenants and refusing unwanted tenants on the basis of non-discriminatory criteria. Donors and donors can verify applicants using application forms, interviews and reference exams based on relevant qualifications. The lessor and the lessor can obtain all information relating to an applicant that is relevant to his or her tenant qualifications until the information is used for discriminatory purposes.