Secureworks Master Services Agreement

9.1 Restricted warranty. SecureWorks ensures that services are well executed and craft-oriented. Unless it is expressly in the sentence above and to the extent authorized by law, SecureWorks, including its affiliates, subcontractors and agents and each of their employees, directors and executives (together the parties to SecureWorks) do not provide guarantees, guarantees, guarantees, guarantees or explicit or implied conditions regarding products, services or customer reports, including, but not limited to, any guarantee of accessibility, suitability for purpose, performance, suitability or non-guarantee for products or services. 2.9 Third-party product purchases. If the customer subsequently purchases or purchases third-party products or services through SecureWorks as part of a service contract or performance statement, the Customer will comply with the terms of the order of service or this statement of work regarding these third-party products or services. 1.1 Services. Over the life of the agreement and subject to applicable conditions, SecureWorks undertakes to provide certain managed security services (“MSS Services”) and/or (ii) security risk advice services (“advice services”) purchased by the client in accordance with the terms of this section 1.1. The MSS and Consulting services are collectively referred to as the following “services.” Acquired services are indicated in a physical, electronic or online service order (“service-order”) or a work statement (“SOW”) that are executed by parties who refer to this agreement (or, if they are online, accepted as part of an online order). You will find a detailed description of the MSS services purchased in the service description and service level agreement (“SLA”) for MSS services that are attached to the service order (or with which the customer buys online) and are included as a reference. Some consulting services can be obtained online.

When the client purchases online consulting services, a link to alS is made available for the relevant consulting service. All service contracts (signed or accepted as part of an online order) and all SOWs are subject to the terms of this agreement and include: (i) the services to be provided, including, if applicable, the services to be provided; (i) the length of services; (iii) the method of compensation and payment of services; and (iv) any other applicable information agreed by the parties. Applies to compliance consulting services. In the case of a compliance review or evaluation or similar compliance audit service (“Compliance Services”), the client is aware that, while SecureWorks` compliance services may discuss or relate legal matters, SecureWorks does not provide legal advice or services, that none of these services is considered legal advice, whether it is interpreted as legal advice or is considered legal counsel, and that the client is ultimately responsible for maintaining his or her own legal counsel. In addition, customer reports provided by SecureWorks in relation to compliance services are not considered legal advice and should not and should not be used as evidence, evidence or assurance regarding the client`s legal or regulatory compliance. During the life of the service (as defined in Section 3.1) and subject to the terms and conditions of this MSA, SecureWorks undertakes to provide the Services and the Customer agrees to purchase these services. The specific terms and conditions for managed security services (“MSS Services”) are described in the Service Order (s) service contract and the specific terms and conditions for consulting services (“advice services”) are described in one or more work instructions executed by the parties (“Declaration (s) of Work”).