Schlumberger Master Service Agreement

26.4 Corporate audit law. The contractor agrees that the company has the right, after seven (7) days prior to written notification to the licensee, to conduct a review of the licensee with respect to the operation of the plant for and on behalf of the company, in order to determine, to the satisfaction of the company, whether the licensee`s actions or failures may subject the company to the responsibility of the FCPA. All hearings of the contractors are conducted only in the presence of the contractor`s lawyer. The contractor undertakes to participate fully in such an investigation, the scope of which is limited to the contract and excludes fees, confidential information, privileged information, mark-ups, etc., which cannot be established in isolation. Any member of the group of companies participating in such an investigation or audit by the state has entered into a confidentiality agreement prior to the start of a state investigation or audit. Such a review is done exclusively at the expense of society. H. Violation and notification. The licensee must promptly correct the infringement in the event of a finding of a violation of the relevant legal provisions of the country of operation for health, safety or the environment or additional health, safety and environmental requirements imposed by this agreement or work order, whether the violation is found by an internal control of the supplier, by a control or inspection by the company or by other means. Where there is a possibility of injury to a person or loss or property damage, all work involved is completed until the situation is corrected. Devices or tools declared unsafe must be immediately decommissioned until they are safely removed or removed from the site and replaced. The contractor must remove from the site all personnel of the contractor who have endangered the life or property in the event of a deliberate violation of safety rules. Schlumberger is the world`s leading supplier of technologies for the characterization, drilling, production and processing of reservoirs for the oil and gas industry.

With product and service sales in more than 120 countries and approximately 85,000 employees by the end of the second quarter of 2020, representing more than 170 nationalities, Schlumberger provides the industry`s most comprehensive product and service offering, from exploration to production, and integrated pipeline pore solutions that optimize hydrocarbon recovery to sustainably increase tank performance.