Reseller Agreement Term Sheet

All orders are forwarded by the distributor to the supplier and are subject to written acceptance by the supplier. The supplier may refuse to accept an order (at its sole discretion). Each order filed constitutes an offer from the distributor to purchase or license the supplier`s products described in this order and, if accepted by the supplier, creates a contractual obligation for the distributor to purchase or license those products under the terms of this contract. The conflicting, inconsistent or additional conditions contained in an order filed by the distributor are not binding unless the supplier expressly accepts these conditions in writing. All expenses resulting from the modification or cancellation of an order after acceptance by the Supplier, including transfer or reversion fees and any reasonable filling costs, will be paid by the distributor to the supplier upon request. The term “non-binding” is “non-binding” because it merely reflects the key and broad points between the parties from which the investment is made. It also serves as a model for internal or external legal teams to develop final agreements. The distributor maintains accurate records of all of its activities to the extent reasonably necessary to determine compliance with the terms of this agreement, including accounting documents, customer sales documents and administrative returns. The distributor keeps these records for at least a period of three years from their preparation or preparation.

For the duration of the agreement and for a period of eighteen months after, the supplier has the right to verify and verify these records. Any party may terminate the contract immediately if the other party violates a clause in this agreement and the aggrieved party does not violate the infringement within 15 days of receiving the written notification. In addition, any party may terminate this contract immediately if (i) the other party`s insolvency; (ii) the procedure relating to the solvency of the other party, such as bankruptcy, restructuring, rehabilitation or composition, by or against the other party; or (iii) the designation of a beneficiary or agent for the other party. A. Subject to the terms of this exclusive distribution agreement, the supplier designates the distributor and the distributor accepts such a date and agrees to act as the exclusive distributor of the supplier products (defined below) in the following geographical area (the “territory”): the purchase price is indicated and paid in US dollars to the supplier at the address indicated on the invoice. Unless the parties agree otherwise, payment by the distributor is made by bank transfer before the supplier`s facilities are shipped. Supplier products are exW supply facilities to be delivered (Incoterms 2010). The risk of loss for supplier products is transferred to the supplier upon delivery to the designated carrier. If the supplier pays a shipping, insurance or processing fee, these fees are charged to the distributor and reimbursed by the distributor to the supplier. You independently determine your own prices for each final customer.

You bear the full risk of non-payment by end customers and you are solely responsible for all your expenses and expenses.