Recent Agreement Between India And Australia

Other important agreements signed by the two sides at the bilateral virtual summit – the first for Modi – included a framework agreement on cooperation in the field of critical technology in the field of cybersecurity and cyber-implementation, a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in the extraction and processing of critical and strategic minerals, and an agreement to implement cooperation in research and technology defences. India and Australia have signed a landmark agreement allowing the use of each other`s military bases, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Australian counterpart Scott Morrison, who spoke at the start of a virtual bilateral summit on Thursday, also agreed that while trade and investment flows between the two nations are increasing, more effort is needed to do so. India is also considering Australia`s participation in annual naval exercises with the United States and Japan in the Indian and Pacific Oceans to strengthen security relations between the four countries, military officials said. India and Australia today reached an opening agreement on reciprocal access to military logistics support bases, in addition to consolidating six other pacts to further expand relations, following an online summit by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Australian counterpart Scott Morrison. In recent years, our defence relations have developed with a series of strategic dialogue forums and regular interactions between our respective departments through visits, interviews and training exchanges. Modi said he thought it was “the perfect time and the perfect opportunity” to further strengthen India-Australia relations. Key policy platforms include the annual defence policy discussions and the annual defence strategic dialogue, whose recent defence discussions were organized by Australia in 2015. Visits by seniors are also regular. In September 2015, the Australian Minister of Defence visited India, which resulted in an agreement to deepen our relationship with defence cooperation, including the creation of a joint working group on defence research and cooperation. The heads of department of the two countries exchange regularly with their counterparts, exchange security perspectives and learn about each other`s structures and skills through visits, with the Chief of the Indian Navy Staff recently visiting Australia in October 2015.

The services are also used regularly by naval, army and air force staff talks. He described his discussions with Morrison as “an excellent discussion” covering the full extent of the relationship between the two strategic partners. The mutual logistical support agreement was signed on Thursday at a virtual summit between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Australian counterpart Scott Morrison. The Australia-India Strategic Conference is a public diplomacy initiative aimed at strengthening bilateral relations between Australia and India, with a focus on security and strategy issues. The lecture series is a joint venture between the AIC and the Lowy Institute and offers a program of annual conferences in Australia by renowned Indians in the fields of regional and international policy and security.