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Die Onlineminuten werden ab dem Moment gezählt, in dem man sich zum ersten Mal in den Chat eingeloggt hat. Jede einzelne Minute, die man nun im Chat verbringt, wird mitgerechnet. Dabei spielt es keine Rolle, ob man sich im AWAY-Modus, MOD-Status oder GAST-Status befindet. In der alten Profilversion wurden die Minuten ganz oben im Profil angezeigt. In der neuen Whois, findet man die Onlineminuten unten Links. Chat. Play. Flirt. Get to know new friends with Knuddels, the unique chat community from Germany.

Become a member now for free. Für die meisten sind die eigenen Onlineminuten nicht weiter von Bedeutung. Einige Tätigkeiten, insbesondere die Arbeit in verschiedenen Teams erfordern aber oft eine Mindestanzahl an Onlineminuten. Die Anzahl der gezählten Minuten die online verbracht wurden, sind allerdings nicht ausschlaggebend um Familymitglied oder Stammchatter zu werden. Here are some more details about the incoming spring update. Besides the new unicorn statue there will be also some new features: We have also improved the visibility of available building actions for you and also improved some building actions themselves. There are many small changes that make playing even more enjoyable. Look forward to the next update! 🙂 Germany has slapped a popular in-region dating, flirting and chat service with a €20,000 fine (or around $22,667), after a hack affected more than 1.8 million accounts this summer. The next big update is coming soon, so it is time to say hello to some of your 12 new team members. In version 1.4 you will finally be able to put employees in your castle and use their unique royal skills. Can you already guess what this honarable young lady could be doing in your village? 😎 Are YOU a passionate achievement collector or would you do it only for the bonusses? 😏 This little lady and her unicorn shows us what this time of year is all about: care for each other and have a pleasent time! Thank you @Sabine Koops for sharing how an illustration for Hero Park is made. We wish you all a happy new year! 🙂 Any help will come in handy.

Why not bring a monster onto the team? With the new super traders, not only a skeleton, but also a gluttonous imp with a love for snacks comes to your aid. This upgradable building will be available at level 14 and is connected with the new achievement system. You can collect up to 38 achievements and unlock new bonusses for your city. In the next version 1.5 there will be the new concept of “honor points”. Unlike other buildings, you can not upgrade your statue with gold, but you can do this with “honor points”. So, there will be a few different “honorable” things you can do to earn them: The new super trader update is finally live on Android! 🙂 (coming soon for iOS & Knuddels) With version 1.6 you will get access to the 2 new kind of boss monsters, 7 new super traders and the “shopping frenzy” challenges (starting at city level 18).